• About Rolfing®      
Imagine a building constructed a few years ago. The gravitational force and the time will unbalance its structure, which will certainly need repairs. Our body works the same way: requires periodic structural adjustments to keep the shaft.

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The method releases the stiffness between body segments creating more flexibility, balance and wellness to the body.
How Rolfing works

The Rolfer performs touches with specific pressure able to open spaces between the fascia and other connective tissues. Thus, he releases the stiffness between body segments creating more flexibility, balance and wellness to the body. Allied to the touch, the rolfer guides a postural education that allows people to improve the awareness of their bodies’ alignments and the efficiency of their movements.

Unlike some body therapies, Rolfing is an integer loop process. It takes 10 to 15 sessions to achieve profound changes with long-term benefits and rapid response. When your physical discomfort is relieved and you are more aware of your body, your postural patterns are seen from another angle.

The sense of freedom and the balance acquired with Rolfing® also contribute to personal development. By stimulating the perception of the self, new paths open up for the acquisition of new attitudes in life.


Who is Rolfing for

Rolfing® – STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION is indicated for people who:

  • feel discomfort caused by poor posture;
  • have restricted movement, due to physical trauma or not;
  • want to evolve emotionally through perception and body awareness;
  • are linked to body arts or motion (dancers, athletes, fitness trainers, martial artists, among others).


“I decided to know Rolfing® out of curiosity and was susprised and delighted with the method. The rolfer was sharp and efficient and acted in some parts of my body that I hadn’t felt before, even for me, a yoga teacher. Today I use a lot of what I learned in my classes and I’m sure I improved a lot.”

Z.S. - Client

“In 2012 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and from the beginning, I decided I would face this battle off. That’s how Rolfing® became part of my life: the therapy caused me to develop a very significant body awareness and was a very big leap for my treatment. Today, I feel physically and mentally better than when I was diagnosed.”

M.L.A. - Client

“The motivation behind me to seek after Rolfing® method was a persistent pain in the shoulder and right arm. After the first sessions I felt completely scrambled, but it was hard to understand and describe what I was feeling. Over time, my perceptions about treatment were changing. I believe it transforms the individual completely.”

N.M.B. - Client